The First Tee Is All Fore City Kids

GSD&M Showcases PGA Tour’s Charitable Endeavors in TV Spot
DALLAS–A new television spot aired over the weekend, developed by GSD&M to promote a client’s favorite nonprofit organization.
The client is the PGA Tour; the favored charity, The First Tee.
The spot shows a young boy in sneakers making his way with a sense of purpose through a crowded inner city street. He comes upon an alley formed by the sheer, imposing sides of high-rise buildings.
In slow motion he unslings his golf bag, pulls on a glove and hammers a tee into the dirt of the alley. Taking a club, he swings at the ball, sending it soaring up into the narrow blue patch of sky visible between the dark exteriors of the buildings.
A voiceover says, “Every kid should have some place to play golf.”
It’s the first major advertising initiative for The First Tee, founded in late 1997. The First Tee aims to make golf more accessible to economically disadvantaged children who would not otherwise be encouraged to pursue a sport associated with country clubs.
The organization has plans to build and refurbish golf facilities in several cities and outlying communities. The First Tee also offers a series of instructional programs designed for kids.
The commercial, which premiered during a PGA tournament telecast last weekend, will continue to air on network and cable TV channels. A supporting print campaign will launch later this year.
“We wanted to describe what it was that The First Tee did, but we also wanted to show the problem that it was meant to overcome, to show the inner city, the back alley, where kids have not traditionally had a place to play,” said creative director Tom Gilmore of Austin, Texas-based GSD&M.
“The symbolism of the tee breaking the ground of the inner city or the alleyway was symbolic of tearing down and transforming the environment into something useable,” said Gilmore. “It seemed very appropriate to the message.”