Into First With A Pringle

The city of Jackson, Tenn., has sold the naming rights for its minor-league baseball team’s new stadium to marketing powerhouse Procter & Gamble.
As a result of the deal, valued at $1 million, the West Tennessee Double Jaxx–the AA Chicago Cubs affiliate–will take to the field this spring in … Pringles Park.
A ballpark named for a snack food? It’s more inviting than some venue names, such as San Francisco’s 3Com Park, according to city administrator Ron Berry. “The Pringles name denotes fun and families,” he said.
“It doesn’t have a cold, impersonal feel like so many of the other corporate title sponsorships. It gives us several options to play with regarding signage and decorations.”
Local P&G plant manager Merrel Miller said, “This is an opportunity for P&G to advertise Pringles and support the community as it continues to grow.”
Added Jackson mayor Charles Farmer, “In our sports history, Pringles Park will be just as significant as Yankee Stadium, Wrigley Field, Ebbets Field and other great stadiums in baseball history.”
Wells BDDP, New York, is Pringles’ ad agency. –Scott Hume