While his work for Select Restaurants won the Best of Broadcasting award for best original music, Eric Haggman is not resting on his laurels.
The creative director of Haggman in Manchester, Mass., has written four new sets of lyrics for the tune as well as the beginnings of a screenplay. He hopes, of course, to sell the whole package and one day see it produced for the big screen.
Haggman collaborated with New York-based composer Andy Mendelsohn on the award-winning commercial jingle and on the newer version of the song.
Also lending his talents to the venture was gravel-voiced Little Joe “Peanuts” Cook, a 70-year-old blues singer who appears regularly at clubs such as Ryles and Scullers Jazz Club, both in Cambridge, Mass. Cook warbled the lyrics for the jingle for Rusty Scupper restaurants, too.
“It’s all about us,” said Haggman’s wife and business partner, Emily Haggman, of the song and subsequent screenplay. “Boy meets girl. Boy loses girl. Boy realizes what a jerk he was and gets girl back.”