FedEx Enlists Lokion for Web Management

ATLANTA Lokion Interactive said it has been hired to work with Federal Express as content manager of the company’s Web site,

The Memphis, Tenn., i-shop said it will develop tools and procedures that will “streamline and enhance” Megan Jones, president and managing partner at Lokion, said the firm also would conduct training for FedEx personnel who contribute content to the site.

Lokion staffers will work with all departments at FedEx’s corporate headquarters in Memphis, as well as its regional offices, the shop said. Both parties will collaborate to manage content updates and FedEx’s online style guide. hosts more than 6.3 million visitors per month and handles more than 2.4 million package-tracking requests daily, according to Lokion. More than 2.3 million customers connect with FedEx electronically everyday, and e-transactions account for nearly two-thirds of the more than 5 million shipments the company delivers daily.

“Lokion has worked with FedEx for nearly two years, assisting them with user interface design and style guide compliance for,” said Jones. “Our goal is to seamlessly integrate with FedEx to provide the best in Web site management and the best online experience for its customers.”

Jones said Lokion would begin work on the ongoing interactive assignment this month. Billings were undisclosed.