FCC to Study Future of Media

In what could turn out to be a tall order, the Federal Communications Commission today launched an initiative to examine the future of media and the information needs of communities in the digital age.

Steven Waldman, who recently joined the FCC as a senior advisor to commission chairman Julius Genachowski, will lead the effort, which will culminate in a report later this year.

The FCC intends for the report to serve as the basis for policy recommendations for the commission and other government entities.  

Topics under consideration include the state of TV, radio, newspaper and Internet news and information services; the effectiveness and nature of public interest obligations in the digital era; and the role of public media and private sector foundations, among others.

As part of the broad initiative, the FCC launched a Web site for public discussion.

The report adds to the FCC’s increasingly busy agenda which includes completion of the National Broadband Plan due March 17 and the quadrennial review of media ownership rules.