FCB Hits Double for Fox Sports Net

New Campaigns Support Regional Coverage, Baseball Thursday
SAN FRANCISCO–Spring is here, and with it the return of Major League Baseball. To greet the arrival of the new season, Foote, Cone & Belding has launched two TV campaigns for Fox Sports Net that are designed to reawaken baseball fever in die-hard fans nationwide.
One effort, supporting various teams in select regional markets nationwide, centers on “Lou,” a silver-haired politician on the campaign trail who doesn’t feel the need to take a stand on the usual national issues such as healthcare or education. Instead, his platform is baseball.
One of six 30-second spots in the “Elect Lou” campaign opens with the silhouette of a farmer admiring a brilliant sunrise. The voiceover says, “It’s morning in America. A new day is dawning … and we need a leader with a clear vision … who knows our future is tied to one thing: the Texas Rangers.”
Footage of the Rangers flashes on screen, and then cuts away to a picture of Lou on a red, white and blue striped background. The spot wraps with text that reads, “Yankees vs. Rangers. Vote for Lou. He’s a Rangers fan.”
“We thought it was timely to do a campaign that parodies a politician. People are tired of hearing the same old spin from these guys,” said Jim Lesser, a copywriter at FCB, San Francisco. “But here’s a guy who has found an issue that really rings true with the American public.”
A second campaign from FCB for Baseball Thursday on Fox Sports Net takes a darker approach to emphasize how seriously many people take the game.
One 30-second spot opens with a father tossing two raw pork chops in a hot frying pan. His two children are chanting in the background, “Pork chops! Pork chops!” Realizing that Baseball Thursday is about to start, he becomes impatient with the slow-cooking chops. Moments later, he drops the half-cooked meat on his kids’ plates, and heads into the living room to catch the game.
“Everyone can identify with those times when they absolutely, positively have to cut through to get somewhere,” said Kurt Schneider, vice president of marketing for Fox Sports Net. “We take it one step further for Baseball Thursday. … It truly is ‘can’t miss’ programming.”