Fast companies

With pressure from clients to launch creative work quickly, agencies often find themselves asking: “How do you condense time tables and still make the stuff terrific?” said Edward Boches, creative director of Mullen, Wenham, Mass.
That agency was put to the test after winning in July and given just 12 weeks to get spots on air touting the high-end audio equipment e-tailer.
Commercials tagged “Sign on. Sit back” began airing last week. One opens with a rock band jamming on a stage, which turns out to be in a preteen’s room. His mom interrupts the private concert to tell her son that it’s late and his “friends” should go home.
Gearon Hoffman was faced with an even tighter deadline when the Boston shop won Direct Hit Technologies in late September. Humorous radio ads broke within a month using the tagline, “One search engine. Millions of minds.”
Dot coms are jamming the airwaves, gobbling up inventory, even leaving traditional “brick and mortar” advertisers out in the cold. The “irony,” according to consultant Skip Pile, is that the Internet itself is “too fractionalized” to be an effective branding tool.
–Lauren Wiley and
David Gianatasio