Fashion’s Power 25

The people and platforms that truly matter in the world of style

1. Man Repeller

The hot things in fashion tend to burn out quickly, but Man Repeller shows no signs of giving up its status as the “It” blog. The love it receives has helped founder Leandra Medine snag design collaborations with brands including Dannijo and Gryphon.

2. Lady Gaga

The pop icon’s outrageous fashion sense (meat dress, anyone?) has revitalized the music video and introduced the avant-garde to a new generation. With style collaborator Nicola Formichetti and her Haus of Gaga team, the fame monster has trained her fans to expect the unexpected.

3. Derek Lam

One of the most innovative digital efforts of the year came from Derek Lam, which, during New York’s spring/summer Fashion Week, put 16 different dresses on eBay and asked fans to vote online for their favorites. The result was Derek Lam + eBay, the “first-ever crowdsourced collection,” which featured five dresses that were sold on the auction site.

4. Anna Wintour

Meryl Streep nailed it in The Devil Wears Prada—Wintour isn’t just imperious; she’s seductive. Fear alone wouldn’t keep Vogue the world’s most renowned fashion magazine, or make Wintour herself the icon and industry leader that she is. Of course, her eye for detail, encyclopedic knowledge of the industry, and brilliant understanding of the zeitgeist help too.

5. Shopkick

Countless apps offer discounts and deals at retailers nationwide, but Shopkick sets itself apart with major partnerships (Macy’s, Target) and a genius innovation: Special sensors installed at participating outlets alert users to promotions the second they enter the stores.

6. Michelle Obama

The first lady’s anointment as a fashion icon was to be expected. Less so her sense of fun: She mixes fashion-forward designer pieces with sensible separates, and keeps up with the fashion pack. It’s hard to imagine any other first lady wearing almost the same Alexander McQueen dress to a state dinner that Mila Kunis wore to the SAG Awards.

7. Heidi Klum

Despite a rocky move to Lifetime last year, the super model-turned-businesswoman’s groundbreaking show, Project Runway, is going strong in its ninth season. And thanks to her lines of jewelry, fragrance, and athletic apparel, Klum earned the No. 2 spot on Forbes’ list of the World’s Top-Earning Models. Oh, and—damn her—she’s drop-dead gorgeous.

8. Jim Moore, creative director, and Madeline Weeks, fashion director, GQ

GQ, the fashion destination for guys who won’t admit to being into fashion, consistently demonstrates its power—and its impeccable nose for talent—with its photo shoots, which always seem to feature actors, singers, and others who are just on the verge of hitting it big. Its Best New Menswear Designer Award, most recently given to Alexander Wang, remains a coveted honor.

9. Diane von Furstenberg

The first designer to truly embrace new media (OK, it might have something to do with her husband’s digital chops), Furstenberg moved at warp speed into e-commerce and more. She’s also a hit on Twitter, sharing advice, personal updates—and even photos of a skiing-induced black eye.

10. Andre Saraiva

A nightlife impresario and fashion industry fixture who recently got himself appointed creative director for L’Officiel Hommes, Saraiva does a little bit of everything: nightclubs, hotels, collaborations with major brands. His latest New York club, Le Baron, opens this fall.

11. Jil Sander

Though she’s hardly the first designer to collaborate with a big-box store, Jil Sander’s minimalist, modern collection for Uniqlo—Japan’s leading clothing retailer—was the first to show it’s possible to produce eclectic pieces for a major chain that are applauded by critics and coveted by consumers.