Fanta’s Fizz Fuels Extended Play

NEW YORK Fanta, the fizzy soda available in various flavors, is rolling out its first global campaign from WPP Group’s Ogilvy & Mather here.

The effort features a quartet of 30-second spots and several five-second iterations that focus on the theme of mischievous rebellion. There is no tagline.

The wordless work was designed for use in multiple media. “What might be a billboard in Sao Paulo might be a point of sale in Asia or a print ad in Mexico,” said Jeff Curry, group creative director at Ogilvy. “We’re basically creating content that can live anywhere.”

The campaign is now on the air in Latin America and Asia, and launches in Europe this summer. The U.S. dates have yet to be determined.

Other elements include video ring tones, print in teen-focused magazines, in-store executions and stickers.

The campaign’s duration has not been determined, but, “We think it can rest and settle,” said Khalil Younes, global brand director at Fanta. “It could easily go three to five years.” Fanta is one of Coca-Cola’s many brands. Spending was not disclosed.

The animated characters used in the ads were created by New York production shop Psyop, which brings them to life using an exaggerated black, white and gray color scheme (with highlights of orange). In one bumper, a girl on an iceberg offers a menacing ape-like creature a Fanta. Once he accepts it, the soda bursts into an orange bouquet of bubble that the monster gratefully accepts.

“Fanta wants to own the space of playful imagination,” said Curry. “We created this idea of a black and white world and populated it with hip teen characters who rebel against growing up. The content is about characters subverting the enemies of play.”