Fanta Ad Is In The Can

Cliff Freeman and Partners went to great heights to shoot its first work for Fanta, the fruit-flavored sodas from Coca-Cola. The agency was awarded the account last year.

In the first spot (shown here), a male tourist climbing one of Guatemala’s ancient Mayan ruins drops a can of Fanta when he reaches the top.

Sweating beneath the sun, he watches the can topple end over end down dozens of stone steps. ‘Oh nooooo,’ he wails.

The spot ends with the new tagline: ‘Fanta. Welcome to the world.’

Two versions of a second spot show young couples at the movies around the world, the girls drinking Fanta and the boys trying to make their move. In both executions the girls firmly dismiss their dates’ advances.

Coke representative Bob Bertini said the commercials are running outside the United States and are geared toward young consumers.

‘We’re communicating that whenever teens are having fun, Fanta makes it come alive,’ he said.

Coke does not market Fanta heavily in the U.S.

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