Family ties

In an unusual arrangement, two NBA franchises—the New Jersey Nets and Cleveland Cavaliers—hired TDA Advertising & Design to tout a special ticket offer in conjunction with McDonald’s and Konica.

The McFamily Package—four Nets/Cavs-game tickets, four Happy Meals and a single-use camera—sells for $70.

“To showcase this exceptional offer,” said Jonathan Schoenberg, creative director at the Boulder, Colo., shop, “we show what lengths people go to enjoy it.”

In one spot, airing this month in Cleveland and the metro New York area, a family adopts a 35-year-old man. “We talked about having another child, but that all changed the day we met Timmy,” says Mom. “He needed a family, and we needed a son.” She goes on to say the end—becoming eligible for the tickets—justifies the means.

Schoenberg said the original idea was for the family to consider adopting twins, only to pick one child and leave the other behind. But the Cavaliers didn’t want that; such edginess might not play well to Midwestern audiences.

“You just don’t mess around with orphans,” Schoenberg concluded.