Fallon Promotes Citibank’s Credit ID Protection

CHICAGO Citibank will break a print campaign touting its new program that protects its credit card holders from identity theft.

The effort, from agency Fallon Minneapolis, will break in December issues of entertainment, lifestyle and business magazines. It complements a television campaign that broke earlier this month promoting the New York bank’s Identity Theft Solutions program.

In the television spots, regular people speak in discordant voices to depict how someone has stolen their identity to make credit card purchases. In one, an elderly woman cleaning her aboveground pool talks in a booming, masculine voice about her new pickup truck. “It even has mud flaps with the naked ladies,” she says.

The four-page print spread continues that theme with photos of non-descript people and headlines such as, “I had $23,000 worth of liposuction last year” and “There are three warrants for my arrest. One of them involves smuggling.” The fourth page explains the benefits of the bank’s Identity Theft Solutions program.

Spending was not disclosed. The client spent $40 million on for its credit card division last year and nearly $55 million through August 2003, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus.