Fallon N.Y. Wins $40 Mil. GovWorks

Fallon McElligott’s past work, creative credentials and grasp of how to make new brands popular enabled the shop to land creative and media duties for GovWorks.com, a soon-to-be-launched “virtual city hall.”
Fallon bested three undisclosed New York shops to land the estimated $40 million account. GovWorks, backed by a group of investors on both coasts, will offer users access to municipal Web sites.
The goal is to get citizens to interact with their town, city and county governments. And, for a fee, they will be able to obtain copies of public documents via the site.
GovWorks joins a stable of Internet-based clients at Fallon that includes Etour and MindSpring. The $250 million agency, however, does not want to be known as one that caters to Web brands.
“We don’t want to be known as a dot-com agency,” said John Gerzema, managing partner and director of account planning. “Instead, we want to find interesting kinds of contemporary brands. And if they’re dot coms, so be it.”
After an initial meeting, during which Fallon showed a range of past work–including ads for MTV and Conseco–the agency immersed itself in research, said Gerzema.
David Camp, vice president of marketing at GovWorks who met with agency chief Pat Fallon, said he was impressed with the shop’s Midwestern ethos. “It’s authentic. It’s American. It’s about the populace.”
Camp, a former consultant at brand-identity firm Landor Associates and one-time Saatchi & Saatchi account executive, also was impressed by Fallon executive creative director Jamie Barrett. “He had a certain vision for the GovWorks brand that was appealing to us,” Camp said.
Camp holds a degree in political science from Brown University. GovWorks CEO Kaleil Isaza Tuzman is a Harvard graduate.