Fallon Gives Lee Long and Short of It

CHICAGO Brand icon Buddy Lee only makes a cameo appearance in new advertising for Lee Dungarees from Fallon Minneapolis.

The national television campaign, for which teaser ads broke over the weekend, features a hip remix of Roy Orbison’s “Pretty Woman” as a 90-foot giantess wanders city streets looking for something. After she spots a man in an upper-floor apartment, she writes her phone number on a billboard. As the woman walks away, diminutive Buddy Lee appears in the form of an outdoor advertisement with the phrase, “Whatever happens. Don’t flinch.”

A 60-second version of the spot will air on Sept. 12, through a roadblock buy on ESPN, MTV, MTV2, Comedy Central, ESPN2, BET, Cartoon Network, FSN and Spike TV. The TV effort will be supported by guerilla marketing tactics like personal ads, posters and matchbooks with the woman’s phone number written in red-lipstick.

“We’re not trying to trick anyone into wearing Lee Dungarees,” said David Damman, group creative director at the Publicis Groupe agency, in a statement. “This campaign is about having fun and not taking ourselves too seriously, but being true to what Lee is—authentic and cool, like the jeans.”

In addition to Damman, who also served as art director on the campaign, production credits go to creative director Bruce Bildsten, copywriter Bobby Pearce, director of broadcast Brian Dilorenzo and producer Joseph Grundhoefer.

Spending for the effort was not disclosed. The Merriam, Kan., company spent $25 million on Lee Dungarees advertising last year, according to TNS Media Intelligence/CMR.