Fallon Does ‘More’ for PBS

Two years after launching its award-winning debut campaign for PBS, Fallon Minneapolis is set to break a new effort meant to further differentiate the network from its cable competition.

Four TV commercials, which debut on Aug. 5, depict how PBS programming can improve one’s life through inspiration, passion, empowerment and honesty.

One spot directed by François Girard (The Red Violin) shows a composer at a piano who finally finds inspiration from the pigeons outside his window. Another spot from Girard shows a magical performance by a string sextet. Alfonso Cuarón (Y Tu Mamá También) directed the other ads. One shows a goldfish, which, after watching PBS, jumps from its bowl to join salmon spawning up stream.

The work introduces a new tag line, “Be more,” which replaces “Stay curious.”

“The one thing that does set PBS apart from other cable channels is that there’s more substance to PBS’ core programming,” said Fallon asso ciate creative director Bruce Bildsten. “PBS in spires people to en gage in more meaningful ways with the things around them. ‘Be more’ is the payoff. The programming makes you want to do things.”

Spending on the campaign could not be determined, as it will run primarily on PBS affiliates.

Introduced in June 2000, the “Stay curious” campaign whimsically depicted people’s different quests for knowledge. One spot, which won several awards, including an Emmy and an Andy, showed a man pasting photos in a flipbook to make it seem as if he were singing an aria.