Facebook Hits 500 Mil. Mark

Facebook officially has 500 million users across the globe. And to celebrate that stunning milestone, the social networking juggernaught is inviting its users to tell the world why they love the site.
In conjunction with its 500 million-users-served notice issued on Wednesday (July 21) the company announced the launch of Facebook Stories, a application which enables users to share interesting and unique Facebook stories. Facebook says it is looking for tales of how the site has significantly impacted people’s lives—beyond the ‘I found my old boyfriend’ variety— the site is asking users to submits stories about how Facebook helped them find lost items, started social movements, received donations, even gotten new kidneys.
For example, in a blog posting, CEO Mark Zuckerberg mentioned a Phoenix, AZ. Mother who credits a friend’s Facebook status for nudging her to get screened for breast cancer—which led to her being diagnosed with and treated for the disease.
The app’s developers, Jess3  and Involver have organized the new application by geography, theme and time. Users can choose to contribute or simply read stories from across the globe.
Facebook stories will also be available on 31 partner Facebook pages, including TheKnot.com, Demand Media’s Livestrong.com, and The White House’s official Facebook page.