The Face of Business

}Is my fly open? Am I having a bad hair day? Maybe there’s food hanging off my chin.

These were among Marcio Moreira’s thoughts as he flew British Airways from New York to London recently. All during the six-hour flight, the McCann-Erickson WorldGroup creative guru kept noticing his neighbors in business class looking up from their newspapers to steal glances at him. He went to the lavatory to check himself out. Fly closed. Hair intact. No wayward roasted peanuts. But the looks persisted.

In London, a colleague asked Moreira if he’d seen himself in the paper. He said he’d read The New York Times cover to cover and surely would have noticed if he were in there. “No, the Financial Times,” the colleague said. Then it began to click. Though he hadn’t known it was running yet, a certain ad for McCann client Deutsche Bank was in the FT. Part of a series of testimonials from businesspeople in the client’s investment target group, it showed Moreira gazing thoughtfully at the camera. The tagline, of which Moreira’s trip provided odd proof, read: “Fresh ideas. Leading to results.” JOSEPH DESCIOSE/AUROA/PICTURE QUEST