A priest races aconvicted felon and a prison guard to theelectric chair in a TV spot for SpeedZoneracing theme parks breaking Monday from The Richards Group.

Titled “The Last Mile,” the 30-second ad emphasizes the competitive nature of those who like to race. Eyeing his companions over a prayer book, the priest slyly begins walking faster and faster down the corridors leading to the execution chamber, while the guard picks up the pace with suspicion written over his face. Almost gamely, the prisoner trots to keep up.

Said Richards copywriter Chris Smith: “This spot takes … the urge to race to its most illogical extreme. We tried to think of the one place where you would not want to be the first to the finish line.”

A second ad focuses on shots of cars and racing in the park itself. Two radio spots are also part of the campaign.

SpeedZone, owned by Malibu Entertainment Worldwide, operates parks in Atlanta, Dallas and Los Angeles.