Evansgroup Springs Into Action With First Ad For Western Wireless

Jamie Lee Curtis, best known for her action/adventure capers on the big screen, takes on the bad guys in an action-packed new TV commercial for Western Wireless’ VoiceStream PCS brand.
The 30-second spot, the first TV work for the client from EvansGroup’s Seattle office since winning the $20 million account last September, features Curtis fending off two thugs in a warehouse as she uses her PCS phone to call a friend who’s celebrating a birthday.
A voiceover says, “All wireless phones are good in emergencies. … You’ll use VoiceStream more because it’s more affordable.”
Curtis chats with her friend as she kicks and punches the bad guys. Bidding her friend adieu at the end of the spot, she leaps out of the building and dives off a dock as the warehouse explodes. The new tag is, “Get more from life.”
“What we wanted to do was get to the essence of the human benefit of what this PCS service is about,” said Gail Anne Grosso, the shop’s executive vice president and creative director. “[The spot] is a metaphor for someone who’s busy, but wants to stay in touch with those who are important: family, friends and kids. … Jamie is a perfect example of this kind of person: a mother, an actress, an author.”
Grosso had worked with Curtis before, on a L’Eggs campaign from Saatchi & Saatchi in New York, and convinced Western Wireless’ executives that Curtis was the perfect choice to be the heroine in the company’s new campaign.
“Jamie has the broad appeal and credibility with our client’s target audience,” Grosso said.
The spot is airing in 14 Western markets including Denver, Salt Lake City and Portland, Ore. The agency has created an accompanying print campaign and in-store materials, which also feature Curtis. Two additional TV spots with the actress are scheduled to be shot early next month.