Euro RSCG’s ‘One’ Looks to Refashion Cross-Selling Model

Euro RSCG Worldwide rolled out its “Power of One” integration program in Spain last week as the French company continues to forge new ways to cross-sell offerings.

Aware of the skepticism greeting such initiatives, Euro RSCG has been low key about its integration efforts, first introduced into its U.S. consumer network last May, when it combined nine of its marketing-communications units under one chief executive and one P&L. In creating that new entity, Euro RSCG Partners, the company wants to remove the organizational and financial barriers thwarting industry efforts to realize the potential of cross-selling marketing disciplines.

“The real magic ingredient in making this work is getting managers to work against a single bottom line,” said Bob Schmetterer, CEO of Euro RSCG Worldwide. “We’re actually creating an integrated agency rather than having various companies of ours work together. It’s a new industry model: Advertising represents less than 50 percent of what we’re trying to do.”

In September, Euro RSCG implemented “Power of One” in France, the company’s second-largest market outside the U.S., and last month introduced it into its healthcare operations, now named Euro RSCG Life.

Schmetterer said clients including Intel and Volvo responded immediately, asking for more integrated solutions. In new business, Drexel Heritage Furniture awarded its $5-10 million account to Euro RSCG last November, because, according to Schmetterer, of the company’s new, integrated focus. But it was a new assignment from Aventis in January that may be the best indication of progress on this front. Euro RSCG won an estimated $100 million in global billings for the Aventis diabetes drug Lantus after “Power of One” was used to create a unit mirroring the client’s multidisciplinary operations. —NOREEN O’LEARY