ESPN Slates New Programs

NEW YORK ESPN2 said it is preparing to launch a new talk show, Quite Frankly, hosted by sports commentator Stephen A. Smith, who is also a columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Smith is known for a vociferous style as an NBA analyst for ESPN, so Quite Frankly is expected to take the shape of an issue-driven opinion show mixed with interviews.

The series will be part of a new prime-time lineup on ESPN2, which also includes the previously announced entertainment news/gossip show ESPN Hollywood.

The Bristol, Conn.-based cable network has also unveiled ESPN Hollywood. Launching on May 9, the show covers the latest indulgences, pursuits and romances of today’s hottest sports icons, as well as the musicians and movie stars who love to watch them.

The shows are part of ESPN2’s new prime-time lineup.

And in a nod to E!, ESPN Hollywood will also look at how and with whom athletes spend their money and their time.