ESPN Builds ‘Sporture Chamber’

NEW YORK ESPN has launched a new Web site to generate leads for its branded phone and data services package.

The ESPN “Sporture Chamber” (www.sporture- features a quiz by ESPN personality Trey Wingo, designed to test visitors’ knowledge of sports and establish the soon-to-be-released Mobile ESPN service as a must-have for rabid sports fans. The site includes a sweepstakes for the top-scoring contestants to win Mobile ESPN handsets and other prizes. Only those faring well at the quiz, and therefore proving themselves worthy of what Wingo calls “the world’s greatest invention ever,” are given Mobile ESPN product details.

“This is not your average phone,” said Matt Lindley, executive creative director at Havas’ Arnold in Boston, which created the Web push. “We don’t want anybody to think it is.”

While the quiz is meant to build awareness of the phone, it is ultimately designed to generate leads, in the form of e-mail and home address registrations, Lindley said. “It’s a way to get people in line who have enough information. There has to be an entertainment aspect to it because people don’t like to get in line just to get in line.”

ESPN will promote Sporture Chamber throughout its site and to its in-house e-mail list. The campaign will run through the end of the year, prior to the launch of the TV campaign to promote Mobile ESPN, which will steer viewers to a product Web site.