A new TV commercial for the Sierra Club by BBDO West reimagines the world as a vast, urban wasteland, with no nature in sight.

The pro bono spot shows people engaging in outdoor recreational activities in urban areas, such as mountain climbing in a junkyard and camping in a parking lot.

“[The ad] takes a whole bunch of very complex environmental issues and really boils them down to one simple, concise, powerful idea,” said Jim Lesser, executive creative director of BBDO West in San Francisco. That idea is the tagline: “If we don’t do more to to protect the environment, there won’t be anything left to protect.”

The spot—the first national TV commercial for the Sierra Club—was sent to network stations nationwide last month. The idea came about when BBDO West executives approached the nonprofit and offered to do an ad for it.

“What the Sierra Club has typically done in the past is issue-focused advertising revolving around specific votes,” Lesser said. “We really wanted to do something that was bigger and more image-driven.”

Accompanying print ads are set to debut next month.