Most car owners wouldn’t be ecstatic if their vehicles were stolen. So the Neiman Group has created a TV spot showing how folks can help lessen the chance of that happening.

The 30-second spot for the Pennsylvania Auto Theft Prevention Authority in Philadelphia, which broke earlier this month, hones in on owners’ emotional ties to their cars.

To drive the point home, words such as “freedom” and “livelihood” appear onscreen at specific intervals.

“What if you lost your freedom?” the voiceover asks as a man stands by his sport utility vehicle. “What if your livelihood disappeared?” (Here, a construction worker is shown with his truck.)

The spot ends with a crowbar breaking a car window as the voiceover says, “You lose a lot more than a car when you’re a victim of car theft.” The ad then cites a phone number one can call for theft-prevention tips.

“It’s the truth that’s appealing here,” said Rudy Banny, vp, executive creative director at the Harrisburg, Pa., shop. “The majority of people have a rather intimate relationship with their cars.”

The spot is running on broadcast TV in Pennsylvania.