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EMI Suffers Identity Crisis

Is the Boston market large enough for two agencies with practically the same name? Perhaps not.
EMI Strategic Marketing is a 10-year-old, 55-person shop in Boston that caters to the direct marketing, strategic consulting and promotional needs of AT&T, Fidelity and Reebok International, among others. The acronym stands for Edlund Mulchrone International, referring to its founders, Campbell Edlund and former partner Keith Mulchrone.
EMI Advertising, formed two years ago, handles advertising for Kappy’s Liquors and other small local clients. Originally christened Enhanced Marketing Images, the agency was started by Tom Smigielski and Dimitris Savalas in Saugus, Mass. Now well aware of the other EMI, Smigielski admitted, “We didn’t do our homework when we changed the name.”
Smigielski claimed the duality has not confused too many clients and said he has no plans to change the name. “We want to have people ask them if they’ve heard of the other EMI.”
-Sarah Jones