elvis has left the building

Elvis & Bonaparte was a no show at this year’s Portland Advertising Federation Rosey Awards, after its short film was bumped from the event.
Turns out the agency’s 2-minute film, titled, Reach and Frequency, was deemed inappropriate for the audience, said organizers of the Portland, Ore., event.
The film, a spoof of a 1970s porno trailer, is set at fictitious shop Tucker, Swallow & Rockhard. In one scene, a couple are making love in an elevator; at her boyfriend’s urging,
the woman screams, “You’re Dan Wieden! You’re Dan Wieden!”
The Rosey Awards, honoring the best of Oregon ads, has used short films before as “bumpers” at shows. Executive director Lori Miller said the film was rejected because the Portland shop failed to communicate with the event’s producer, and because of the content.
Agency creative director David Helfrey said past bumpers have contained adult themes. Shop president Cheryl Vandemore boycotted the Nov. 19 event.
The shop has created a Web site for the film: www.ReachFrequency.com.
–Angela Dawso