Element 79 Sweats It for Propel Water

CHICAGO Not messing with success, Element 79 Partners launches its second year of advertising for Gatorade’s Propel Fitness Water with a TV spot much like its debut effort.

The Chicago agency’s new commercial, which breaks Monday, shows drips from a giant Propel bottle morphing into various athletes—a volleyball player, a gymnast, a kick boxer. “Get water as active as you,” says a voiceover. The spot ends with a woman climbing the Propel bottle as if it’s a rock.

“It’s how Gatorade does water” remains the brand’s tagline.

Launched last year, Propel, which comes in various flavors and has added vitamins, racked up more than $100 million in sales and came to dominate the fledgling “enhanced-water” category.

Print ads are set to appear in the May issues of Self, Shape, Fitness, Men’s Fitness and Men’s Health.

Gatorade is part of PepsiCo, which spent $30 million on the brand last year, according to CMR.