Eisner Dons Polaroid’s Shades

Eisner & Asso-ciates of Baltimore has snapped up a new product from Norwood, Mass.-based Polaroid. Xoor sunglasses, which have been successfully introduced in Europe, will be launched in three U.S. markets to the tune of $2 million.
Eisner won the business after a competitive review involving a short list of undisclosed agencies.
Projected billings for the 1999 U.S. product rollout are $8-12 million, according to the client. The national advertising push will involve broadcast, print, outdoor, public relations and promotional work. Petrou & Associates, Eisner’s public relations affiliate, will handle that aspect of the business.
Eisner’s first assignment is to determine the strategic direction for the Polaroid product. Xoor will be targeted to adults, 18-34, who are the traditional purchasers of high-end sunglasses.
“There is a large array of styles and so there is certainly a fashion component, but there are also significant benefits, thanks to Polaroid’s Polarization technology,” said Peter Gladstone, Eisner’s account supervisor on the business.
Polarization is a state-of-the-art glare-reducing technology, according to Gladstone.
“We’ll be applying the full range of our integrated re-sources to establish Polaroid’s Xoor as the preeminent sunglass brand,” said agency president Steve Eisner.
Eisner had a leg up on the account from the beginning of the review process. Mike Weatherred, Polaroid’s vice president and general manager, worldwide sunglasses, had previously hired Eisner when he was director of marketing for Black & Decker’s DeWalt brand in 1993. Weatherred left Black & Decker three months ago and had not worked on the DeWalt business since 1995.
Eisner resigned the DeWalt business this past fall after the client sent questionnaires to about 20 mid-Atlantic agencies. Weatherred joined Polaroid Sept. 1.