Egg Board Tells True Tales

NEW YORK Luke Myers is a 14-year-old world champion plastic cup stacker now starring in the American Egg Board’s new advertising campaign crated by WPP Group’s Grey in New York. The work touts the physical and mental health benefits of the “Incredible Egg” with 15-second spots introducing “Incredible People.”

Myers, who was discovered on YouTube, claims to be capable of “moving my mind and my hands at world-record speed” in a voiceover as the commercial captures his 6.25-second performance at a stacking competition.

“I’m Luke Myers and if you want to be incredible, eat incredible,” he tells viewers from inside a mod, egg-shaped chair that will serve as a branding element throughout the effort.

“We’re using this egg device as a pedestal to put real people on and [let them] tell real interesting stories,” said Ari Halper, svp, creative director and copywriter on the campaign.

A second commercial stars 27-year-old stuntwoman Luci Romberg, who scales rooftops as she demonstrates her skills as a free runner.

“They are real people who benefit from the energy they get, body and mind, from eggs,” added Steve Krauss, evp, creative director and art director. “It’s a classic testimonial and classic demo that is wrapped in a branding device that is relevant and modern. At least that was the intent.”

As part of the new ad push, the Egg Board’s Web site showcases additional “incredible” stories, invites visitors to share their own tales and offers cooking tips and games that test memory and agility skills.

There’s also, for the second straight year, a tie-in with the Rachael Ray Show through which guests will share their inspirational stories on the popular program.

The Egg Board spent $14 million in media from January to November last year, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus.

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