Eddie Back At Mcdonald’s

Tall and retro-dressed, Eddie the Echo is returning to McDonald’s advertising after an eight-month hiatus.
A new 30-second TV spot (shown here) from Hoffman/Lewis, San Francisco, shows the cool double-talker in black horn-rims–famous for his “How ya’ doin? How ya’ doin’?” greeting in earlier spots for McDouble sandwiches–relying on body language to flirt with a beautiful woman in a McDonald’s restaurant.
The woman makes the first move, or so it appears to Eddie, as she waves, smiles and mouths the words “I love you.” Flattered by the fair lady’s advances, Eddie swaggers over to her table, and gives her his best “How ya’ doin’?” look.
Unfortunately, she’s horrified, and Eddie soon realizes her overtures were meant for the cute baby in a nearby stroller.
The spot breaks in select markets March 15. –Jane Irene Kelly