E.B. Lane Keeps Arizona Lottery

Wins Mandatory Review; Also Breaks Royal Precision Golf Spots
LOS ANGELES–After five years on the business, E.B. Lane & Associates has retained its $8 million Arizona Lottery account in a mandatory review.
In winning a new one-year contract with four one-year renewal options, the incumbent fended off competition from fellow Phoenix shops Lavidge & Baumayr and Thelen Pollack.
E.B. Lane first won the business in 1995, and the Arizona State Procurement Office renewed its contract in each of the past four years, said agency president Beau Lane.
“The assignment [for this review] was to present them with an image campaign for the lottery and also a media plan,” he said. “Our experience with the account helped. We had the best understanding of the political and societal environment that gaming is in right now and the proper way to approach motivating people to play the lottery and feel good about it.”
Spending on the account is legally limited to 2.7 percent of lottery sales, Lane said. Last year was the fourth-best in Arizona Lottery history, with sales totaling $268 million.
New ads will break in late spring, Lane said.
“There is some television, especially when we introduce a new game, but our strategy is to get as close to the point of sale as we can,” he said. “We use a lot of outdoor and radio. Particularly with scratcher tickets, it’s such an impulse buy that we like to talk to people as they are driving by the convenience store.”
Separately, E.B. Lane has produced a pair of 30-second national TV spots for Royal Precision’s Rifle golf club shafts. The agency picked up the $1 million account six months ago.
In one spot that broke late last month, a monk is seen toting a golf bag. He draws his club with the Rifle Shaft and begins hitting balls at a church bell, ringing it with each shot. When the bell chimes a second time, white doves fly up and the superimposed graphic “Accuracy” appears on the screen. The spot closes with a sign on the bell tower door reading, “Bell tower closed for repair.”
A second spot breaking in March features a golfer at an all-night driving range. This time the graphic reads “Consistency,” and the spot closes with all of his golf balls huddled around the range target.
“We presented a dozen concepts, and these two emerged as the strongest,” Lane said.
The ads air on the Golf Channel.