Earthlink Pops Off

Earthlink takes direct aim at competitor AOL with its latest effort from LB Works here.

Two print executions set to run this week and next in The New York Times and USA To day play off AOL’s recent claim that it would decrease the number of pop-up ads on its network. The ads suggest Earthlink’s “Pop-up Blocker” is more effective.

“It took AOL 8.0 tries to figure out people don’t like pop-up ads?” reads the headline of one ad. “Earthlink knew all along. That’s why we created Pop-up Blocker,” says body copy.

Karen Gough, director of marketing for the Atlanta company, said the campaign was borne out of the attention AOL has received after announcing it would block outside pop-up ads. (AOL said it would still run pop-up ads from within its own corporation.)

“We view ourselves as an advocate of the consumers,” Gough said. “Having no pop-ups is a space we’re proud to own.”

The AOL loophole is the focus of the other ad. “What can you expect now that AOL only allows pop-up ads from AOL/Time War ner businesses?” is the head. A list of some 300 subsidi a ries, from HBO to Time magazine, follows.

Both ads continue the “Why wait? Move to Earthlink” tagline bowed in August. That work touted faster dial-ups, DSL service and Pop-up Blocker.

“This wasn’t simply a response to what AOL did,” Gough said. “We’ve had [the products] for some time. This is an extension.”

Earthlink spends about $40 million a year on advertising. When its August effort broke, client executives said they would spend $10-15 million through year’s end.