DUNKIN’ grown-ups

Griffin Bacal’s new TV campaign touting Larami Super Soakers not only features kids splashing about and getting wet, but gets the adults in the action, too.
The five spots, for the Mt. Laurel, N.J., client’s CPS, XP and Super Chargers lines, debut this week and run through July on such networks as Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network.
One shows a suited man asking a waiter for “more water” and getting a barrage from kids and the waiter holding Super Soaker blasters. Another shows a thirsty cowboy in the desert asking for “more water.” He also gets it from the blasters. The tagline is: “Wetter is better!”
Other spots show computer-generated effects, such as a water stream turning into a rhinoceros.
“Kids love to see adults join in the [fun] and the adults never get mad,” said Dan Lombardi, group creative director at the New York shop. “These people want more water, and once it’s delivered, they’re excited about it.”
Lombardi said the spots were filmed in Australia, with the actors doing “dead-on” American accents. But the actors were not the only ones having fun; Lombardi said he and other shop staffers relish trying out new Larami water blasters outside the client’s offices as well.
–Simon Butle