Droid Phones Make Gains

Apple still delivers the majority of mobile ad impressions in the smartphone world, but Android-powered mobile devices are growing exponentially in prominence, as more U.S. consumers snatch up iPhone alternatives like the Motorola Droid.
That’s according to data culled from the latest Mobile Mix report issued by Millennial Media, which found that Apple devices accounted for 56 percent of the impressions served across the company’s mobile ad network in June. In addition, the number of ads served to Apple devices increased by 36 percent month over month, per the report.
Similarly, the number of ads served on Android devices, which encompass multiple phones produced by different manufacturers, surged by 23 percent in June versus the previous month, found Millennial Media. But even more impressive is Android’s momentum as the year has progressed; according to the report, Android ad impressions have soared by 439 percent since January.
Android still pulls up third in the smartphone race when it comes to total impressions delivered across Millennial Media’s network. While Apple dominated with a 56 percent share of impressions in June, BlackBerry devices accounted for 17 percent of impressions, while Android devices generated 11 percent.
Outside the smartphone arena, tablet usage is surging, driven by Apple’s iPad. According to Millennial Media’s report, iPad ad impressions jumped by 206 percent month over month in June.