Droga5 + Net10 = Perfection

BOSTON “Is your cell phone company more evil than evil?” asks this ad. The answer is yes in Droga5’s spot-on animated outing for TracFone’s Net10 pre-paid service. A three-eyed supervillain tries desperately to cancel his current cellular contract, only to endure the headaches we all face when dealing with faceless mobile conglomerates. It will cost him $175 just to switch. When he threatens to turn his death-ray on the company’s HQ, he’s told that even if he does, he’d still be under contract and have to pay. “Oh, you guys are evil,” he hisses in reply. That line reading is priceless—so is the character’s overblown, world-weary repetition of the word “agent” as he struggles to get a service rep on the line at the beginning of the ad. The presence of the hulking lava-man, who has no lines but frowns when the death-ray cannon is deactivated, adds to the fun. (I bet he wouldn’t take any guff from some call-center phone jockey.) Net10 promises, “No bills. No contracts. No evil.” The spot’s so well done, it makes that slogan more believeable (how could a company that makes such a cool ad be bad?) and should pique consumer interest in the service.