Dr Pepper “Dr. Love”

For the sake of future archaeologists, let’s hope this Dr Pepper Cherry spot via Deutsch/LA isn’t the only artifact of our civilization to remain extant a millennium from now. They’d be hard-pressed to decode a culture in which a man with a bizarrely painted face told people to trust him because “I’m a doctor.” For those of you whose pop-cultural literacy doesn’t extend to nicknames for members of the band Kiss, it seems that vocalist/bassist Gene Simmons – the star of this spot — is known as “Dr. Love.” And that earns him a gig here as the latest “doctor” to endorse Dr Pepper, following Julius “Dr. J” Erving and Kelsey “Dr. Frasier Crane” Grammer. Actually, what we’re seeing here is a spot within a spot, as Simmons’ son Nick walks into view and asks him to tone down his typically over-the-top performance. The subsequent humor comes from watching Simmons speak his lines in a deadpan voice — despite his outlandish appearance and the background pyrotechnics. Meanwhile, some viewers (I mention no names, least of all my own) will feel Simmons and the soda are upstaged by the three extremely decorative women shown sitting around him. If he’s a “doctor,” are they “nurses”?  –Mark Dolliver