Double Fusion Brings Ads to PlayStation 3

In game ad firm Double Fusion has snagged the exclusive rights to deliver ads in a pair of top PlayStation 3 titles.

The San Francisco, Calif.-based firm has locked up the rights to the latest sports titles tied to the National Basketball Association and the National Hockey League: NBA 2K10 and NHL 2K10. The plan is to deliver contextually relevant placements in each game dynamically as the games are being played, potentially allowing for multiple advertisers to run campaigns at different times during the games’ lifespan.

The deal marks the most recent pact between Double Fusion and a major game publisher inked specifically for Sony’s PlayStation franchise—a key target in the in-game ad space. The company’s top rival, Microsoft-owned Massive Inc, typically controls most in-game inventory within titles played on the Xbox 360 console—which is also owned by Microsoft.

Double Fusion has worked with 2K since 2006. Since that time, the company has looked to expand its purview beyond console video games to include downloadable games, casual games, and even games played on the iPhone. 

“Extending our dynamic advertising relationship with 2K Sports is a testament to the growing importance of in-game advertising and the value Double Fusion delivers for its publishing partners,” said Double Fusion CEO Jonathan Epstein,

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