Dot The I’s. Cross The T’s.

Agencies hoping to land the creative portion of Lebenthal & Co.’s estimated $5 million ad account had better make sure their most patient copywriters are on the pitch team.
One source described the client, chairman Jim Lebenthal, as “very much into body copy” and a “frustrated copywriter.” In fact, Lebenthal used to write and read his own radio ads before he handed the president’s title to his daughter, Alexandra Lebenthal.
She will continue to appear in TV, print and radio ads, reading the copy the client requires from its new agency.
Lebenthal, a municipal bond dealer for more than 72 years, is finding that its graying clientele is dying off and needs replacing. It wants to attract younger investors with a raft of financial services.
Requests for proposals have been sent to New York shops, although a company representative said the search is not restricted to the Big Apple. Media duties are not included in the review.
–Jim Edwards