Dos Equis Presents a Man of Interest

NEW YORK Meet the “Most Interesting Man in the World.” He wears a tux, bench-presses comely nurses and drinks Dos Equis beer, according to a new campaign for the Heineken USA brand by Havas’ Euro RSCG.

Four TV spots are set to break next week, close on the heels of interactive and radio ads that have begun to debut nationwide.

One spot, “MIM,” serves as an introduction to character. It opens on a bearded, tuxedo-clad gentleman bench-pressing two nurses. A narrator intones oddly intriguing descriptions of the man, e.g., “His blood smells like cologne,” as the character continues to do implausible things, like freeing a bear from a trap.

Ultimately, we see a more mature MIM, with a touch of gray in his hair, seated at a table surrounded by beautiful women. He says, “I don’t always drink beer, but when I do, I prefer Dos Equis.” The spot ends with the tagline, “Stay thirsty, my friends.”

Sources said the brand plans to double its ad spending this year to $15 million.

Print will break in May in publications such as Stuff.

For Euro RSCG, the spot is a conscious attempt to elevate the often-lowbrow imagery associated with beer ads. “The stain of the Swedish bikini teams still lingers. Those kinds of ads are targeted at beer-drinking morons,” said Jeff Kling, ecd at Euro RSCG in New York. “We saw this as an opportunity to talk to people a little differently. It portrays a different kind of drinker.”

Whether the character catches on or not remains to be seen, but Dos Equis is cautiously optimistic that it will resonate with consumers for quite some time based on its internal research. “It doesn’t take a lot of effort to squeeze out another story. We believe we have a strong, big idea and that we can use it for years to come,” said Willem van der Hoeven, brand director at Dos Equis. “The consumer will be our guide.”