The Texas Lottery Commission has instructed shops vying for its estimated$9-10 million account to mind their p’s and q’s.

The request for proposal issued earlier this month had a number of stipulations about creative concepts. Among them, agencies cannot “make fun of other’s pain, misfortune, impairment, physique, ethnicity or background,” “portray product abuse, excessive play or preoccupation with gambling” and “display guns, alcohol, improper attire or employ lewd or indecent language, images or actions.”

Was ink wasted? There’s also a reminder that “Stereotyping Texans” is strictly prohibited.

Contenders could look to Houston incumbent Fogarty Klein Monroe’s recent “Coins” campaign. It featured animated coins with different personalities, set in different locations, that couldn’t wait to play the lottery’s scratch-off game. Spots by minority-account incumbent The King Group could also help. In these ads by the Dallas shop, participants talk about their secret practices when playing the lottery.

Both agencies recently produced a campaign showing Texas dancers “scooting” their boots and bragging about the new “Texas Two-Step” game.