Donovan touts triathlons

The Donovan Group has fashioned an advertising campaign for Danskin promoting an upcoming series of women’s triathlons sponsored by the maker of dance and sports clothing.

The Watertown, Mass., agency crafted print, collateral and a promotional video to generate awareness of the Danskin Women’s Triathlons, which are being held through October in various U.S. cities. Danskin has sponsored the triathlons, which include swimming, biking and running, for more than a decade.

A print ad running in fitness publications features a group of swimmers wading into the ocean at the beginning of the race. Copy reads, “The woman who starts the race is not the same woman who finishes the race.” The execution, according to creative director Jay Nelson, encourages all women, not just serious athletes, to come together and “celebrate the female spirit” in memory of Susan Komen, who died of breast cancer in 1978.

“It’s become an inspirational series of races,” Nelson said. “A lot of women have said it’s really changed their lives.”