Donino’s Guard Duty

Donino, White & Partners has been appointed agency of record for Integrated Visions, an online information security company that uses fingerprint-matching technology to provide proof of identity.
Billings were estimated at $10 million. The Atlanta agency topped five undisclosed Southeast and West Coast contenders for the win.
Donino’s will create a brand identity and multimedia campaign for the company. Work is scheduled to break during the second quarter.
“If you’ve been watching [the news about] people hacking into the Internet, security is increasingly going to be an issue,” said agency president and chief executive officer Frank Donino.
Donino said his shop has been looking for a client involved in what he called “biometric security . . . [which will] reduce passwords to an also-ran. It makes fingerprints and voice recognition the way to go.”
The Sebastian, Fla., firm is a unit of Safeguard Scientifics in Philadelphia. The client’s first target is the healthcare field, where confidential data is a concern.
On a computer system programmed with IV’s technology, all passwords are replaced by a single fingerprint scan. In a hospital, where a doctor or nurse might need dozens of passwords to access different data resources, a single print ID will simplify the system.
“What this does is take Allen Toffler’s Future Shock and put it in our modern day,” Donino said. “And these are the guys we believe are really well-positioned to be a category leader. They just need somebody who can get their brand out there.” K