Doner Quits Cleveland Clinic as Client Reviews

CHICAGO Amidst a review for the client’s business, Doner has resigned The Cleveland Clinic’s advertising account, according to the shop. The independent agency has handled the estimated $3 million account since 2002.

“The agency is very proud of the advertising that we have created for The Cleveland Clinic and the results it has generated for the brand,” said David DeMuth, executive vice president of the agency’s Cleveland office, in a statement. “While the account is not consistent with the types of brands or businesses the agency is currently pursuing, The Cleveland Clinic is a fine institution and we wish them the best moving forward.”

Sources said the medical center had begun a review in the wake of Jim Blazer joining the company as chief marketing officer. A client representative confirmed the system was reviewing “all areas of its advertising and marketing divisions,” but wouldn’t provide further details.

The company spent nearly $3 million on advertising last year, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus.