Don Coleman Moving Toward Full-Service Goal

African American Shop Adds Promotions, Expands PR Unit
DETROIT–Don Coleman Advertising has moved toward its goal of offering a full array of marketing services with the creation of a formal promotions department and the expansion of its public relations department.
The expansion will allow the shop –which actually began 10 years ago with promotions work–to become more of a full-service marketing firm, said Don Coleman, the agency’s president and founder. The agency is one of the largest African American-owned shops in the country, with clients including Chrysler Corp., Kmart, Ameritech, General Mills and Shell Oil.
Heading the new promotions department is Harold Stone, who joined Coleman from Coca-Cola Co. in Atlanta, where he was a project manager. Stone, who has more than 23 years’ experience in ethnic marketing and promotions, said the new department has already developed projects for Kmart and General Mills.
Kmart sponsored a sweepstakes in 132 of its stores, with the contest winner earning a trip to the Soul Music Festival featuring Sinbad in Aruba. A General Mills sweepstakes in six markets offered to send a winner to the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans. A second promotion for General Mills, pairing its Honey Nut Cheerios brand cereal with Universal Circus, is under way in four markets and may be expanded, Stone said.
“We’re looking at other opportunities that arise for our clients through promotional efforts such as event sponsorships,” Stone said. The agency anticipates hiring several new employees to round out the promotions department, he said.
The expanded public relations division is headed by Randye Bullock, who joined Coleman four years ago to handle public relations for Chrysler’s minority marketing activities. “Public relations is often overlooked when it pertains to African American consumers,” Bullock said.
Bullock said the department will help clients use the African American press, which consists of 400 newspapers nationwide, as part of their marketing efforts.