Doing The Virginia Reel

The Arnold Agency in Richmond, Va., looking for an image boost after a few years on the city’s B list, used a sweet idea to get its reel in people’s hands.
Clients past and present, other local firms and the press (including Adweek) got a copy of the reel in a popcorn bucket full of movie house treats, delivered in a new Volkswagen Beetle (one of its Boston parent’s key clients).
“We were kind of, you know, out of the picture there for a while,” said Matt Smith, Arnold’s chief creative officer. “There was a bit of a dark period where . . . well, let’s just say the work has gotten better, more entertaining and people are talking about it a lot.”
Arnold knocked out 33 television commercials in January for clients like McDonald’s and Virginia Power. Last month it recruited highly regarded director of communications Tracy Tierney from nearby CadmusCom. She joins president Rick Britton, who transferred from Arnold in Boston 18 months ago.
“We thought we’d just send the work out and let it speak for itself,” said Smith.
“And besides, if you can’t bribe people with candy . . . . “
–T.W. Siebert