DogVacay’s Home Base in Santa Monica Is the Pinnacle of Canine Comfort

As Fidos everywhere come out of the doghouse—literally—and onto their owners’ couches, the demand for pooch-related services has skyrocketed. A sort of Airbnb for the four-legged set, DogVacay’s database of verified and reviewed pet sitters and walkers allows pet owners to feel at ease when furry family members are “on vacay.” It’s catching on, too. Since its 2012 inception, DogVacay has raised more than $47 million in venture funding and now has thousands of hosts across the U.S. and Canada. With its growing clout, an office befitting the DogVacay name was needed. “The office design stems from us wanting to create an open, fun and happy space that would inspire creativity and be a great environment for dogs as well,” said Rachael King, the head of communications for the Santa Monica, Calif.-based company. “Since they make up almost a third of our office beings, we wanted a big, open office where the pups have plenty of room to play—without being distracting.”



Well-behaved canines like Autzen are welcome to roam the office as they please. Twice-daily walks by hired walkers punctuate his lazy days of chair warming.



“When we were looking for pup-related things to create pops of color around the office,” said King, “these were a no-brainer.”


Human Treats

Because the office’s 100 humans need snacks too, the bar area is stocked with people treats like turkey jerky and popcorn.


Welcome Committee

Buttersworth welcomes visitors—and lots of interviewees these days—in DogVacay’s reception area.