BBDO Minneapolis has created a fictitious female radio call-in show host, ‘Dr. Food,’ in a radio campaign promoting new and different uses for Hormel Pepperoni.
Dr. Food hosts a show called ‘Hormel Pepperoni’s Pep Talk’ to counsel people with food problems. In one spot, a woman is distraught over her depressed salad. Another spot involves a woman whose family falls asleep during dinner. A third spot features a man whose food is so forgettable that he has ‘acute meal amnesia.’
The solution offered to these and countless other food problems, according to Dr. Food, is to use Hormel Pepperoni to spice up lots of different dishes.
The message is that pepperoni is not just for pizza. Dr. Food instructs her callers to ‘pep up your food with Hormel pepperoni.’
The campaign breaks in July.
Copyright Adweek L.P. (1993)