DMB&B’s Top Management Reorganized

NEW YORK-Arthur Selkowitz, the new chairman and chief executive officer of D’Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles Communications, is moving quickly to put his stamp on the agency.
Selkowitz, 53, has created a new board of directors and a worldwide management committee for DMB&B, the largest unit of The MacManus Group holding company in New York.
The goal, said Selkowitz in a staff memo issued earlier this month, is to “establish” a board which “will oversee DMB&B and be held accountable for its success.” The new management committee “will serve as the frontline, senior management forum where the present and the future of the agency will be reviewed.”
The two entities will also spread the agency’s reformulated “DMB&B Way” operating philosophy throughout the global network. Selkowitz could not be reached for comment.
The new 13-member agency board contains six new members, including Sam Hill, vice chairman and director of strategic planning.
Several DMB&B executives who served on the former 27-member board of the holding company have been appointed to the 47-member worldwide management committee. They include executive vice presidents Peter Rosow, Norm Sherman and Tim Arnold and executive creative director Cathy Aromando-Donovan.
To keep the boards of the agency and holding company separate, MacManus has established a new four-person board composed of Selkowitz, MacManus chairman Roy Bostock, DMB&B executive vice president Craig Brown and N.W. Ayer & Partners president Mary Lou Quinlan.