DiMassimo Typecasts Barclays Capital

NEW YORK DiMassimo is handling a 20-week creative project for Barclays Capital, the investment banking division of international financial services group Barclays Bank.

The campaign broke in The Wall Street Journal‘s Weekend Edition last month and will run through Jan 22.

The effort represents the client’s first national work and will showcase at least nine of Barclays’ services, including emerging markets and commercial mortgage bank securities, said Peter Truell, director of corporate communications for Barclays Investments, Americas.

The ads use copy as a design feature, drawing out shapes and messages. In one, text is laid out in the shape of a telephone receiver and its cord. The latter spells out, “Now they’re calling us in droves.” In another, the type that spells out “Emerging Markets” swells in the middle, giving the reader the appearance that the words are coming toward him.

“We thought they had the snappiest and sharpest thinking and off we went,” Truell said of the independent New York shop.

DiMassimo won the account in early August after a review that included four other New York finalists. Truell said Doremus in London and Asia remains the company’s primary agency.

This month Truell will hand over the advertising reins to Kimberlee Mertz, who will become associate director for brand and advertising on Oct. 11. She was previously head of advertising and brand management for Deutsche Bank, Americas.

Campaign spending was undisclosed.

This item corrects a previous posting which listed Doremus as the client’s agency in New York rather than London.