Dieste Harmel: Pepsi Goes With Hispanic Food

DALLAS Dieste Harmel & Partners introduces Pepsi’s new Spanish-language tagline in a humorous commercial that plays off the word “tamal.”

The 30-second TV spot opens with a group of girls eyeing an Anglo boy at a party. As he looks up from the buffet table, he salutes one girl with his can of Pepsi. He then picks up a tamal, called tamale in English, and takes a big bite. As he tries to chew through the coarse shell, he begins coughing. The girl walks over to him and hands him a Pepsi to drink.

Voice copy translates to, “Tamal with Pepsi, it’s good.” Once he’s recovered, she picks up an empanada, and he mistakenly thinks that like the tamal, the dish should also be taken apart.

The spot ends with the new “Es Pepsi” tagline, which translates to “It’s the Pepsi.”

The ad was designed to reflect the general-market work from Omnicom’s BBDO that broke in November and promotes the idea that food and Pepsi go together. The tag is “It’s the cola.”

Shop account director Jaime Gonzalez-Mir said the Dallas-based agency aimed to play off the word “tamal,” which is also slang for “it’s bad.” He said the line can also be interpreted as, “It’s bad, no, with Pepsi it’s all good.”

The ad broke yesterday on Univision, Telefutura, Telemundo and Galavision. Campaign spending is undisclosed. The shop plans to produce at least two additional spots for the client this year, Gonzalez-Mir said.

Purchase, N.Y.-based Pepsi spent $100 million through August 2003 on general-market work, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus.